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Judge gavel with Justice lawyers deciding, consultation on marriage divorce between married couple and signing divorce documents on table. Concepts of Law and Legal sevices.

Ways People Try to Stall a Divorce

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Divorces take time. Even when the parties agree on everything and reach a quick settlement, it can still take months to resolve. When one party engages in stall and delay tactics, the matter can take even longer. Below, we discuss a few common delay tactics and address how you and your divorce attorney might… Read More »

Couple in love holding hearts.

Illinois Statutory Rape Laws: Romeo and Juliet Exception

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Statutory rape laws render it unlawful for someone to engage in even “consensual” sexual activity with a minor. Statutory rape laws operate on the principle that minors lack the maturity and mental capacity to legally consent to sexual activity. Different states have different rules regarding the age of consent. Different states also have different… Read More »

Discussion with mediator, counselor, psychologist.

Tips to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in IL

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Mediation can be an easier, faster, and cheaper alternative to traditional litigation. Mediation is a collaborative, cooperative process, overseen by a neutral party whose goal is to help you and your spouse find common ground. If you can resolve all of your divorce-related issues in mediation, you can potentially avoid the courtroom entirely. Effective… Read More »

Deprivation of the parental rights of the Father. The law protects children from dad violence. Mother with child apart from father and judge's hammer

Unmarried Fathers’ Rights in IL

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Mothers are automatically granted significant parental rights. Unless the mother is subject to a surrogacy or adoption contract, the birth mother will automatically be treated as the legal parent of a child, with all attendant rights and duties. Depending on the circumstances, biological fathers may need to take additional steps in order to be… Read More »

Handcuffed with hands on back

Criminal Penalties for Disorderly Conduct

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Disorderly conduct is an intentionally broad crime designed to cover a wide range of conduct that disturbs the peace. In Illinois, the crime of disorderly conduct carries a wide range of penalties depending upon the nature of the alleged conduct and other factors. If you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct in Illinois, it’s important… Read More »

Speed dating. Man woman sitting across from each other at table

Waiting Period to File For Divorce in IL

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Illinois, like all other states under modern law, allows for no-fault divorce. Historically, one or both parties had to allege that their spouse committed some sort of wrongdoing–adultery, cruelty, abandonment, etc.–in order to file for divorce. The law now recognizes that parties should be free to divorce simply because their marriage is not working…. Read More »

Closeup of young woman is stealing red jeans in store, shop, bou

What Are the IL Shoplifting Laws

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

In Illinois, the crime of theft can range from a misdemeanor to a serious felony depending upon the value of merchandise stolen and other aggravating factors. Retail theft, commonly called shoplifting, involves unlawfully taking merchandise from a store past the last point of purchase. Depending upon the amount and value of the property stolen,… Read More »

Young family couple together at home casual

Understanding Common Law Marriage in Illinois

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

Common-law marriage is a term used to describe a legal union between two people even though the couple has not purchased a marriage license or had their marriage solemnized. Currently, eight states in the US recognize common-law marriages. However, each state may require couples to satisfy different rules and regulations in order to validate… Read More »

Divorce and dividing a property concept. Man and woman are signi

Defining Non-marital Property: What Is Non-marital Property in Illinois?

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

In Illinois, property that is acquired before a marriage occurs is considered non-marital property. Non-marital property also encompasses any debts or other obligations that existed before the marriage took place. The assets and liabilities that fall under non-marital property can be broad and will differ depending on the circumstances each couple faces. However, assets… Read More »

blurry focus close up of hands with handcuff.background for fre

White-Collar Crime Defense: How to Defend Against White Collar Criminal Charges

By Johnson Westra Boecker Whittaker & Newitt, P.C. |

“White-collar crime” is a hot-button issue in the modern era. Over the last couple of decades, federal and state prosecutors have been aggressively pursuing white-collar criminal investigations, seeking to “throw the book” at anyone even vaguely associated with an alleged white-collar criminal conspiracy, often more to score political points than out of any actual… Read More »

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